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Are you here to outsource writing tasks in order to save your sanity?

I have to know – is all this stress over writing really worth it?

Because life is too short to be doing stuff you don’t want to do.

Besides the fact that you’d rather do anything (clean the toilet, play with your kids, sit on your bum and watch TV) than sit down to write, if you’re not a strong writer but you write your own stuff anyway, you’re probably making yourself look pretty bad.

And you do realize if you’re doing all your own writing you’re overspending…right?

You see, you’re an entrepreneur and your time is valuable.

What is an hour of your time worth, anyway? $75? $250? $500?

Let’s say you’re worth $250 per hour. Now pretend you’ve spent ten hours (cursing, pulling out your hair, drinking) trying to come up with some content for your website.

And the end result is practically useless because you don’t know anything about SEO or the formula you should use when you’re writing website copy. (Sure you know your business and you know your customers, but you really don’t know how to write to draw them in, do you?)

That means you’ve just wasted ten hours of your time – approximately $2500 – writing useless website content. You didn’t think you’d actually be saving money by doing it yourself, did you? (Sorry to burst your bubble.)

Do what you do best and outsource writing projects to a professional writer.

Because it turns out there’s a trick to this copywriting thing (contrary to what some people think, a monkey could not do this job) and if you don’t really know what you’re doing, you’re not getting in the mind of your customer like you could be if you’d finally outsource writing these items to a professional.

All you should be worried about right now is finding the perfect person to capture your voice and sell your service or product. If you want that person to write compelling copy in a friendly, conversational tone with some humor sprinkled throughout…well I think you’ve found her (wink wink nudge nudge).

Please feel free to check me out on Twitter or stick around here to read about the copywriting services I offer and to look at my portfolio. Get in touch with me when you’re ready. I’ll be waiting to hear from you.